Replace expensive steroids with cheaper ones

If Trenbolone is cheaper than Testosterone Enanthate powder, you should be careful. Deca is more expensive than Testosterone, Boldenone is similar to Deca, and Trenbolone is more expensive than Boldenone, which is considered the most expensive injection. If Deca, Boldenone, and Trenbolone are false, their ingredients may all be testosterone because of the huge profits. If testosterone, Deca and Trenbolone cost almost the same, in most cases they are fake.

Low-purity steroids are classified as high-quality steroids

For example, if the actual amount of fake testosterone is labeled 300mg/ml, the purity may be less than a third of the normal purity. Counterfeit products often require large doses to be effective and less likely to cause fever (because of low purity). However, people who sell fake testosterone (low purity) always claim that fever products have quality problems, but only high purity testosterone is prone to fever. Almost everyone who buys steroids asks about the purity of the product. 100% purity is almost impossible. Because many steroid products are made in underground laboratories.

The difference between oil injection and processing technology

Vegetable oil and medical injection oil can be used as injection oil. High-quality steroids are commonly used as medical injection oils, while low-quality steroids can be used as vegetable oil or peanut oil. Medical injection oil is transparent in color, low in density and fluid like water. The filling viscosity reflects the quality of the filling. Fine injection oil can be touched by rubbing the thumb and forefinger, while peanut oil can slide by rubbing the forefinger. High-quality injection oil has low resistance, as a water displacement agent, easy to push when injected. Low-quality injectable oils are resistant to injection and can be difficult to push even with a 5ml syringe.

Where are most steroids powder and steroid oil from

Many brands claim to be from Europe, the U.S., and Australia, but many of them are actually buying generic brands with their own company labels. Most of the world’s customs detaining this steroid. The more they get through customs, the more likely they are to be detained. Large quantities of steroids that can be shipped abroad are usually produced in China and neighboring countries. Australia and Brazil are strict about buying and selling steroid products. Usually our company has unique packaging to pack steroid powder. Fitness enthusiasts in Canada, the United States, and European countries will seldom be detained by customs if they use it themselves.¬†Universal Pharmaceutical Company provides domestic service for steroid powder retailers from Canada, Europe, the U.S., and Australia.

Differences in steroid processing techniques

The most common problem with fake injections is that they crystallize when opened. However, once this happens, it is a fake product. Drug crystallization indicates poor quality of technicians or poor processing technology. A real pharmaceutical company has professional technicians to test and purify the process. We, Universal Pharmaceutical Company, have both divisions, QA & QC, and our products are tested again and again before being sold. Each batch of our Testosterone powder or any other steroid powder has a batch number. Before the product is sold, we will provide the customer with the product quality certificate.

Judge the quality according to the packing

I’ve seen a lot of fakes in fancy packaging, and some legitimate pharmaceutical brands with shabby packaging feel as simple as Bayer’s or Organa’s. Therefore, it is not advisable to judge the quality according to the package.

How to Distinguish Steroid Products From True to False?